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Not your average bio...

I once knew a small girl that was curious and introspective; a watcher of all. She would hide in small places when she would feel first, then hear someone coming, til they passed, and it was quiet, again.

I once knew a young girl that was intrigued and fascinated by the silent watchers she would see from all walks of life and different time periods. A word never spoken, but volumes of information, pictures, feelings, and emotions somehow immediately transferred to her in their silence.

I once knew a girl that would see movies subconsciously transmitted of hurt, pain, suffering, joy, challenges, heartache, achievements, happiness, self-defeat, abuse, and/or disappointment from every person she was around, whether at home, school, or wherever her feet took her.

I once knew a young woman that felt the self-deprecating thoughts of others, their stories, their want for love, and self-love, that occasionally sparked a stream of happy-conscious thoughts, when they temporarily forgot about their self-judgements or hardships they had been through. Wonderful, was the feeling of sensing she got from someone's excitement and joy, having stepped out on the ledge of fear, to do something that was an incredible challenge for them.

I once knew a woman that continued sensing, picking up the stories that others carry with them, and continued seeing their family, friends, loved ones, and even strangers long passed away, that she had now discovered others did not see as she did, and questioned why she could.

I once knew a woman that felt healed, inspired, happy, and sometimes, heavy with their heartaches and when she chose to verbally share, it was always worth it.

I once knew a woman that occasionally let in the judgements and fears of others, that were not hers, but their own, feeling the emotions they felt, seeing the stories they painted, and had to remind herself of her own truths.

I once knew a woman that experienced an accumulation of immense, horrific, and challenging life experiences, heartache, and loss, that taught her a humbleness of heart, gratitude for much, unconditional love for others, and that she did not stand alone in the story of life. There is choice in choosing perspective, regardless of how it is judged from others or yourself.

I now know a woman that has much more to learn, offer, give, and receive, and continues to improve upon the challenge and gift of life, perspective, self-love, unconditional love, and celebration. She chooses to verbally share seeing those long-passed and those still physically present, with their stories they non-verbally share. The movies they play continue to be those of life lessons, challenges, possibilities, healing, and love, and she celebrates their victories with them.

This is my story and I'm glad to know 'me', regardless of the view from afar, and it's been more than rewarding sharing with you for you.

#selflove and #courage is #priceless